XLPharmacy and Viagra Without Prescription

XLpharmacy offers Viagra online without prescription, a generic version of the brand name medication made with the same active ingredient (Sildenafil Citrate) but at cheap prices. Additionally, Cialis without prescription, containing Tadalafil, another well-known impotence medicine; and Levitra, made with Vardenafil for the same purposes, are both available as well. These ingredients are bioequivalent to those of their branded counterparts. However, the free medical consultation that XL Pharmacy provides customers with, in place of a prior medical prescription, is not intended as a substitute for a local doctor.

XLPharmacy works with pharmaceutical manufacturers like Ajanta, Cadila, Ranbaxy, SunPharma, and Cipla, which follow their local FDA agencies standards. In the case of generic erectile dysfunction medications, the main ingredient remains the same, but lower production costs and fewer research and marketing expenses allow for affordable prices. In addition to that, there are several discounts and special offers available when it comes to Viagra without prescription, and that can also be applied to other similar drugs, for instance Cialis online without prescription and Levitra.

The role of XL Pharmacy is to bridge the gap between the companies that manufacture Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, and customers. In order to ensure the satisfaction of these customers, a series of policies has been established to make sure that the overall service is satisfactory. These policies cover shipping and delivery, among other important aspects. In general, should a customer not be entirely pleased with their purchase, they have the chance to ask for a refund or for free reshipping, depending on the circumstances. On the other hand, returning customers are bound to find a loyalty bonus awaiting them, in the form of either a discount or free extra product. Finally, the customer service department is ready to answer questions and supply help to customers who require it.

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